We have a taste for Lowcountry cooking and we brought it home to Evans, GA for all to share. Native to the coast of Georgia and South Carolina, defined by the old historical culture of Charleston and Savannah, GA, The Lowcountry taste is defined by its similarities to the cooking of Cajun Cuisine in New Orleans. The rich estuary system of the coastal marshlands are rich with shrimp, fish and crabs, and provides an ideal climate to grow rice. We love this area and its our honor to bring that taste to Evans at Elis. We mix this with a few of our own American classics to round out the menu so there is something for everyone.


We have adapted age old recipes and favorites from our many years in the restaurant business to bring you the unique menu that is Elis. You won’t find a 20 page menu here because we feel thats it is best to do a few things really well then a lot of things just ok. We think you’ll agree. Everything is prepared by hand from the freshest ingredients and made to order. We’d want it that way and you should not expect anything different.




Bryan comes from a long history of restaurant ownership. He started the Mitchell Restaurant Group in 2000 with local icon The Cotton Patch on the Riverwalk in historic downtown Augusta. City Club was opened on Broad Street in 2007 as an elegant facility to cater upscale events. In 2015 the Cotton Patch was sold and City Club closed to open Eli’s American in Evans. Miss Delores, who has been with Mitchell since the beginning, heads up the kitchen at Eli’s. Creative Lowcountry cuisine at comfortable prices in a unique and elegant space is the centerpiece of this popular restaurant.
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